Fap Turbo Review – Can Robots Trade?


I have been trading currency since 2004 and if there is one thing I understand, it is that technical analysis is a bad advisor. While it works to detect trends, fundamentals play the biggest role. That is, if, for example, all your indicators tell you that there is a bullish trend, a Fed decision may turn it around in an instant. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on the news and have an idea of ​​what that news means.

While you can learn these things, can a robot learn? Does the robot see the news and understand what the Fed is talking about? Unless it's some kind of android type of super advanced AI machine, it doesn't. Neither are the automated currency trading systems, a.k.a. forex robots like Fap Turbo.

With that being said, our technologies are advanced enough and the use of neural networks is taking forex robots to a whole new level, these systems cost a big buck. Can a system worth several hundred compete? No, it's not likely.

On the Fap Turbo website you will read great stories about crazy return on investment, like 100% per month (which doubles your investment). However, this is the best optimistic conversation. That doesn't mean you can't win.

Traders are lazy people, they wouldn't be traders if they weren't. That's why some of them invest big money to build systems like Fap Turbo to do all the work for them. Some succeed, others fail.

I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed with the Fap Turbo. Not only because it sells 1000 copies a day, but also because of its exceptional performance. This is the best working system I've had my hands on. Most of them hardly break.